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Did you know typical Inverters and solar solutions available in the market wasted almost half the power generated before they power the appliances? This was because of unnecessary convertors that incurred lot of losses and poor design. Inverterless eliminates the need of these convertors by working directly on DC through state of art design. Inverterless is a solar solution that can also act as a power back up whenever necessary. The smart controller built within the Inverterless charges the battery, alarms/switches the loads during overload condition, reliably powers the load, and most importantly saves energy thereby reducing your electricity bill!“Switch to Inverterless! Switch to a better tomorrow”
There are two major components: DPAU (DC Power Augmentation Unit) and BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). The power from the grid carries 230V AC electricity. This electricity goes to DPAU unit within the Inverterless solar controller where it gets converted into usable 48V DC electricity. It then powers all connected DC electrical load. Surplus energy generated is fed to the battery for charging. The Inverterless solar controller is designed such that power required to run the load is obtained firstly from solar, then from grid & thirdly from the battery.BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy)module present within the smart controller aids in displaying consumption related data onto the user app.
Typical AC grid-tie solar inverters are connected to the grid and cannot work without the grid. When the grid fails, system also fails to generate any electricity. But with Inverterless Home Rooftop package, the solar power system acts independent and can run all the DC loads connected in the absence of grid failure for given amount of time. This is the ultimate power back solution.
Inverterless Home Rooftop solution consists of solar panel, Inverterless solar controller, set of battery and DC appliances kit .When sunlight falls on the solar panels, they generate DC electricity. This goes into the Inverterless solar controller and comes out as usable 48V DC electricity to power the connected load. Surplus DC gets stored in battery for later use. The Solar controller has an inbuilt charge controller which monitors the health of battery ensuring a perfect state of charge at every instant of time. Hence, ensures reliable power supply to off-grid installations.
In the absence of sun or on a partially cloudy day, solar panels cannot make enough electricity, so electricity is primarily taken from the grid to support the connected load.
Solar panels usually are usually maintenance free and have long life. However, in India dust can easily deposit on their surface and deteriorate its performance. Hence, it is advised to clean solar panels weekly with dry cloth and also to clean them with clean water fortnightly
Solar panels should ideally face south to get maximum sunlight. Please look into (provide link of certified electricians/installers) to get in touch with certified Solar DC installers
Inverterless Home Rooftop package is customized for dual purposes: as a grid-tie solution, as an off-grid solution). Hence, suited for places that are on grid as well as those completely off-grid. Homes that have good grid-connectivity, but feel the cost of electricity is high or prone to power cuts can install this system. Homes that are completely off-grid or willing to go off-grid can install this system as – they make and use electricity generated from solar.