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About the Technician Training

What is the training all about?

We provide technical training to those interested in solar and DC technology.

  • We provide training for the Installation of Solar Inverterless DC Technology.
  • The training session would help to get the knowledge about the new technology, also we train on the Installation, civil and structural electrical wiring,panel mounting etc.
  • The training session would guide the Installer on how to install the Inverterless Unit and how to fix the DC Appliances.

For more details about the Installation watch the Video:

Who should do this certification?

Any Electrician/Technician who are interested to choose their career in electrical field and solar field can do the training. All ITI,Diploma freshers who have completed their studies/courses and looking for an internship/self employment can apply.

What are the career benefits in-store for you?

  • You can validate your skills and knowledge through a carefully chosen certifications.
  • The technician training guides you about the installation procedure.
  • This certification will improve your Electrical Career and can get better career opportunities in this field and even with Cygni too.

What is the Training agenda?

Training provides the guidelines for the installation and basic knowledge about the the wiring and connections and also we will provide technical DVD/video for the Installation

Why Cygni?

  • Cygni is a pioneer and fore runner in Solar DC technology.
  • Cygni has travelled a long way along with IIT Madras from concept to commercialization of a range of products in this technology.
  • Cygni has a strong team of qualified professionals who understand and practice this new technology for a variety of customers.

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